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Increment numerical value in InstallAnywhere

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have a question for those of you who have worked with InstallAnywhere:I essentially have written a while loop in an InstallAnywhere project. What I would like to find is an easy and simple way to implement a counter inside this "While loop". Here is ...
by williamsgopal Pilgrim

Generate RemovablesList.txt automatically.

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Hi,When using OutputDebugInfo on post-install stage.And launch the installer, removablesList.txt can be found on the install folder.It's seem be generated automatically by IA.Any idea can stop the generate?
by JimmyChen Pilgrim

Invalid node locked license file after updgrade to SP1

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I upgraded to InstallAnywhere 2015 SP1, now it tells me that the license file is no good.There appears to be no way to re register the product.Our maintenance is paid. Now I can't even downgrade to what I had before!I removed and installed the whole ...
by gjandris Pilgrim

Can't install Java 8u112 hotfix

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I'm trying to install: InstallAnywhere HotFix for Windows Launchers using Java 8 Update 112Recently, I successfully installed Public Hotfix A. splash screen says Build 5238 (Designer/Runtime: Public Hotfix A)The files in resources/launchanywheres/win...
by Not applicable

Noob Question: Windows Defender Madness...

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Okay, we currently are having a problem whereas when our install program is run from Windows Explorer, Windows Defender pops up and complains. This didn't happen on that last version a few months ago.Is there a switch somewhere that would cause Wind...
by dcarda Pilgrim

Noob Question Regarding Updating...

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Okay, I'm a total noob with InstallAnywhere, and I just had this applcation dropped on me, AND I've got a problem.We have an application called Batch Provider Client. Using InstallAnywhere we have to files. 1) bp-install.exe and 2) bp-update.exe.Th...
by dcarda Pilgrim

Does InstallaAnywhere 2015 work with window server 2016?

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Hi,When I have purchased InstallAnywhere 2015, that time they promised it would support Window server 2016. but I am getting an error while uninstalling the installer(created by InstallAnyWhere 2015).Please have a look at below error.Unable to uninst...
by narendra629 Pilgrim

Not able to installer silently using merge module

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Hi All,I am facing some issues on merge modules, I have one suite installer which has several merge modules. The installation is going fine in normal (UI) mode.But facing some issues while installing in silent mode.Below are some details1. When we tr...
by guljeet88 Pilgrim

Custom Icon in Windows Add Remove Programs

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Hi,We are using InstallAnywhere 2015 to build our executable. We would like to set our own icon in Windows Add Remove Programs. We could able to see options to add URL, Comments etc., in windows registry through IA2015 UI, but not able to find locati...
by mrvenkatesh Pilgrim