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Silent Install not installing correct features

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I've been have this problem for awhile and haven't found a reason why it happens. Our installer uses an xml that sets the $CHOSEN_INSTALL_FEATURE_LIST$ and $CHOSEN_FEATURE_LIST$ variables based on the xml elements that are read in. The plugin that re...
by jaisongomes Pilgrim

Password is shown in log file

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All, i have IA 2013. I added password variables to the list of variables to hide their values (Project tab->Variables->configure variables) and set option to be "exclude value only".Log is enabled and variable values still appear in XML under STDERR...
by arotbart Pilgrim

Install Anywhere iap xml file parser

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We plan to parse our IA project xml file to automate validation and code audits. Does Flexera already have an out of the box parser for the same ? :mad:If not, then we might need to write our own parser.Since there is no clear documentation on the sa...
by disen Pilgrim

Issue with Oracle JRE 1.7.0_60 Win INTEL and Windows 2012 R2

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We created an install for our application using InstallAnywhere 2013 Premier. Bundled the installer with Oracle JRE 1.7.0_60 Win INTEL (downloaded from
by provenir_user Pilgrim

java.lang.NullPointerException while uninstalling

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HiI am trying create a installer with Installanywhere 2013 which will install tomcat and deploy a java web application in it.When i try to uninstall, i am getting a error saying java.lang.NullPointerException (after splash screen).Attaching screen sh...
by pratapksp Pilgrim

Change .buildinstaller1.tmp directory

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Hi all,I have some IA projects that I'd like to build concurrently but it seems that all of them try to write/delete in .buildinstaller1.tmp directory and the builds fail.Is it possible to configure this directory for each project?Thanks in advanceGe...
by genleo Pilgrim

Lax Files - Java Max Heap Configuration

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Hello there,In most of our installations we use the following parameter to specify the max heap size:# LAX.NL.JAVA.OPTION.JAVA.HEAP.SIZE.MAX# -------------------------------------# the maximum heap size for the Java
by Anywhere Pilgrim