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Is it possible to change the help / usage output?

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Hi everybody,I have a short question and did not find anything about it in my search results.I am using IA 2011SP3.If I call "installer.bin --help" I get the common output:[CODE]Usage: fcmvm_testing_2014-07-29_beta_2011SP3_4.1.1.0-TIV-TSFCM-Linux [-f...
by thomasmu Pilgrim

InstallAnywhere 2011 Service Pack 4 (Win8/2012 support)

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Hello everyone, Service Pack 4 Release Notes have popped up online! InstallAnywhere 2011 Sp3 does not have any new updates available.Where is this service pack? (It says it ...
by porkchop Pilgrim

Change icon

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Hi,Is there any way to change the icon shown in the attached image.Thanks,CinVVL
by CinVVL Pilgrim

Select other directory where to extract the installation

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After starting the installation the progress bar appears with the text“InstallAnywhere preparing the installation“ (may be this is not theexact text, because I see the text in spanish).After terminating this step a new dialog“Select other directory w...
by Helmut_Ruhland Pilgrim

Silent installation with merge modules

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HelloI have a "master installer" that includes three merge modules. When I am creating a response file for silent installation (via the "install.bin -r"), I only get the variables written to this response file, that are set in the ...
by kosimosi Pilgrim

Custom Code depending on jars, which are part of the installation

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Hello,I have the following use case:I am creating multiplatform installer for a java desktop application with IA 2011 SP3In the Pre-Install phase I want to execute some custom code actions. This custom code depends on some classes, which are bundled ...
by mr_paff Pilgrim

StackOverflow error while installing VMPack on Solaris

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Hello,When VM pack was installed, then we got the below exception.Exception in thread "installer" java.lang.StackOverflowError at java.util.LinkedHashMap.access$000( at java.util.LinkedHashMap$Entry.recordAccess(L...
by ashu0017 Pilgrim

Installer icon not honoured when using ant build

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Using IA2011 SP3 I have changed the installer icon in the InstallAnywhere GUI and when I run a build from within the GUI the icon of the resulting Windows executable is the correct icon I have selected.I do not normally create the builds this way but...
by StephenW Pilgrim

UI Mode not supported issue

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Hi,We are using IAW 2011 SP3 Enterprise Version.We are facing some issue when we run the setup on Windows Server 2012.When we run the setup, it shows the following error: "Installer UI Mode Error".Please find the attached screenshot.Kindly, let me kn...
by CinVVL Pilgrim

Japanese License in License Panel

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Hi -I'm trying to display a Japanese version of our product license agreement during the install in the license agreement panel. I've succeeded in getting it to display on Japanese installs on both Windows and Linux. On Linux, it looks great. On W...
by PassinThru Pilgrim