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Unable to open IAP_XML files

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HI,I am trying to open a IAP_XML file from Install Anywhere 2010 tool and initially it says source path is incorrect even though it has all the necessary folders in the source path.I tried to locate the source oath folders by clicking on redefine but...
by Not applicable

Graphical installers are not supported by the VM

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Hi Experts,Version: InstallAnyWhere 2010 SP1OS : Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago)During start-up of install.bin in some of the Linux machines we were facing issue like, "Graphical installers are not supported by the VM" and it i...
by mohansubramani Pilgrim

Current User Installation(User Specific)

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Hi,May i know how to install an windows exe specific to current user(admin) alone(Which should not be visible to other admin users in the system).I have a requirement to create an installer in windows which should install separatley for every admin ...
by narendhran1 Pilgrim

Size in Windows Programs and Features

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After an install of my product, the size information is not filled in under control panel -> programs and features. Has anyone else encountered this?
by jcondlin Pilgrim

Uninstallation is not removing jre folder on AIX machine

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Hi ,I down loaded IBMJRE160AIX_pap3260sr3-20081106.vm from and bundling with installer.I am able to install the components successfully on AIX box but during un-installation it is able to un-install all the files what ever it is ...
by vijji123 Pilgrim

Controlling the installer steps appearance

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Hi .I am new to install anywhere and working on it since last month. I want a to control the appearance on the installer steps seen on the LHS of the installer in the install anywhere 2010. Say, if there are 8 installer steps showing on LHS, and on ...
by amit_bce Pilgrim

Modify Text File - not working in IBM WebSphere path

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I'm deploying an application into IBM WebSphere on Windows Server 2008 R2. After the application is deployed, I call action Modify Text File to update a text file. The text file does not get updated. Below is the error.The same file will update sho...
by nnjcsc Pilgrim

GUI automation test

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I am trying to run the example provided in gui-test-auto with a standard windows installer as *.exe format, but it continuously gives me this error--- Installer STDOUT ------ Installer STDERR ---Invalid or corrupt jarfile C:\Users\bandobast\Desktop\...
by bandobast Pilgrim

How to download Exe from a Website

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Hi,Suppose I have stored an EXE on a website. Can IA 2010 download this EXE and execute this EXE within the Installer.Regards,Issac Varghese(issacv:confused: )
by issacv Pilgrim

automate console mode test

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Hi,The InstallAnywhere provides API for GUI automate test; but not console mode. Does any know how to automate the installer test in console mode?
by taile1 Pilgrim