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Text lost when previous button used

0 2 2028
One of the panels in one of our installers requires users to enter a comma separated list of servers. If the user enters these, server1,server2 then decides to press previous and come back to the panel with next, they will appear as: server1server2. ...
by gjandris Pilgrim

IA 2009 SP2 and Windows Server 2012 issues

0 2 8191
I am seeing two issues with installers built by IA 2009 SP2 when executed on Windows Server 2012. #1, when you launch the installer by either double clicking on the .exe file or just issuing the name in the terminal you will receive the following me...
by stevewdj Pilgrim

Environment Variable not set on Linux

0 1 3722
During the install in Linux, we set an environment variable. When the install is complete, the user attempts to run the product which requires the setting of this environment variable.We found out that it's not set. Doing the "set" shows that the v...
by camcao Pilgrim

using sqljdbc.jar file

0 22 24584
For custom codes(db connections,etc.), i am using sqljdbc.jar file from microsoft. But As soon as i add it as a dependency jar. The .exe when run, before startup it throws this not found.IAResourceBundle: create resourc...
by qqqqqq Pilgrim

Win64 is not supported

0 13 46240
Hi All,We have installer with IA 2009. Our installer is happy while installing on Win2008 64 bit with 64bit JVM, but while uninstall it throws error:"Win64 is not supported. The author of package you are installing did not include support for this pl...
by saharey Pilgrim

add dll in java.library.path

0 7 25007
Hi,I need a dll to be used during pre-install phase.(more specifically, i need sqljdbc_auth.dll for testing SQL connection)To use System.loadLibrary(), the dll should be in should i do this? (I need in pre-install phase)how IA ...
by qqqqqq Pilgrim

Accessing IA Variables in Custom HTML Panel

0 2 7980
Hi,I have a custom HTML Panel that I want to populate with IA Variables that would have been populated themselves from a previous custom code action.Example Use Case:Custom Code Action: Reads configuration data from a database, populates IA Variables...
by barrisca Pilgrim