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how to quit installation

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I want to add action to achieve this function:When the value of installeranywhere variable is smaller than the value of another installeranywhere variable, then print error info, and exit installation. which action should I add?
by wangnijie860304 Pilgrim

How to extract installer to non-template folder

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Hi all,I want to extract the installer into non-template folder.I looked up on website, and found the following instructions:(the url is
by voyager1983 Pilgrim

How to attach a debugger to an installer?

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Hello guys,we are developing a complex installer which extensively uses custom code and custom plugins. We need to be able to debug the code with a more sophisticated approach than just dropping lines to the console here and then.Therefore, I would l...
by djall_ibm Pilgrim

Cache in InstallAnywhere

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Hi, I made some changes to my existing custom code & replaced the existing jar with the new one.But InstallAnywhere does not recognize the changed jar.I deleted the jar file & even though at compile time IA looks for the jar file at a specific loca...
by mdshahul Pilgrim

IA variables in HTML panel

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Hi all,I'd like to create a HTML panel similar to Pre-Installation Summary panel, so in my HTML file I write:Product Name: $PRODUCT_NAME$but the variable isn't resolved at running time and the output is the same.Is there a way to resolve IA variables...
by genleo Pilgrim