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Setting variables' values

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Hi,I'm using the following three actions of type "Set InstallAnywhere Variable - Single Variable":1st: Variable name: TEST Variable value: hello2nd: Variable name: TEST_TWO Variable value: $TEST$3rd: Variable name: TEST Variable value: byeAf...
by plopez Pilgrim

Command line options

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Hi there,We need to install a package built using InstallAnywhere.This install must be silent for the end user (the package will be deployed bu an automated deployment solution) and must not process an automatic reboot of the end user desktop.I have ...
by denis_lima Pilgrim

Log file with details of each step

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Got an executable that has previously been built with InstallAnywhere 5.5. Got this software too. Looking at the script it seems to run a few batch files and make some registry changes.We're going to be moving this executable onto a new hardware plat...
by paulfoel Pilgrim