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Community error in opening zip file

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Hi!I'm getting an error message saying ' error in opening zip file' (see build log below). - Does someone have a clue on what is causing this error?- Is there a way to get more log info about which zip file that are causing...
by palle74 Pilgrim

Version 5 - 2003 ! How to extract files?

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I have an old CD from a magazine with an important software package on it - been using it for years until a virus buried itself inside it and I had to kill it.When I run the installation .exe, it says it is InstallAnywhere 5.0.0 and starts self-extra...
by davekimble Pilgrim

Setting variables' values

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Hi,I'm using the following three actions of type "Set InstallAnywhere Variable - Single Variable":1st: Variable name: TEST Variable value: hello2nd: Variable name: TEST_TWO Variable value: $TEST$3rd: Variable name: TEST Variable value: byeAf...
by plopez Pilgrim

IS 9 and French W7 as SYSTEM gives -5006 : 0x80070003

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We are not using latest install shield, but 9 and this seems to be popping up in a very unique situation. An install (interactive or silent) under a normal id with admin auth works, but a French customer came to us and wants to do remote silent insta...
by TerrySchwarz Pilgrim

Command line options

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Hi there,We need to install a package built using InstallAnywhere.This install must be silent for the end user (the package will be deployed bu an automated deployment solution) and must not process an automatic reboot of the end user desktop.I have ...
by denis_lima Pilgrim

IA5.5 Uninstaller not working with JRE 1.6

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Hi,Im using InstallAnywhere 5.5 to build my iap_xml and bundling 1.6 vms with the installer and uninstaller.The installer works fine but when I run the Uninstaller I get the following internal Invocation Target Exception:java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkErro...
by adiredd_aswin Pilgrim

IA5.5.1 properties not detected in silent/console modes

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HiI use a product which has an IA5.5.1 Enterprise installer. Default mode is UI but I need to get this product installed on a whole bunch of machines quickly so I'm trying to automate by using silent mode. I am creating a properties file which I then...
by trf999 Pilgrim

Upgrade from a different Product with different UID

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HiWe are using installshield premier 11. Even though this product is out dated, the problem i have specified here is common.(Previously i mentioned this issue in a wrong forum)We had a product called XX and we discontinued that and on top of XX we cr...
by pvsandesh Pilgrim

InvocationTargetException - UNIX Self Extractor Version 4.0.2

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On HP-UX 11.31 ia64, running a vendor-supplied script (Tuxedo 8.1), and getting the following error:[CODE]/sv_app/software> tuxedo81_iahp1123s.binPreparing to install...Invocation of this Java Application has caused an InvocationTargetException. Th)...
by markymark Pilgrim

Problems with silent install on Windows 7 (64 bit)

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HiI am using InstallAnywhere 8.0.1 Enterprise to build an installer for our product. This silently installs another exe built again with InstallAnywhere of the same version. Everything works fine on 32 bit machine, but when I try to install the same ...
by Lavanya Pilgrim

Log file with details of each step

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Got an executable that has previously been built with InstallAnywhere 5.5. Got this software too. Looking at the script it seems to run a few batch files and make some registry changes.We're going to be moving this executable onto a new hardware plat...
by paulfoel Pilgrim

The installer found unexpected changes to the install script

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:confused:When I run the project builded by IA v8.0.3063 on Red Hat E5, I get this error:Installer: InstallAnywhere 8.0 Enterprise Build 3080_________________________________________________________________The installer found unexpected changes to th...
by gawrry Pilgrim