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How to View the Contents of Trusted Storage

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SummaryHow to View the contents of trusted storageSynopsisThis Knowledge Base article will provide guidance on how to view the licenses that are available in Trusted Storage for the client applicationDiscussionIt may be useful for the client applicat...
by Flexera sflynn Flexera

How to Acquire and Return a License from the Local License Server

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SummaryThis article will explore the process of acquiring and then returning a license to a local license serverSynopsisWhen moving from FlexNet Publisher(FNP) to FlexNet Embedded(FNE) it is sometimes not clear on how performing a checkout(acquire) a...
by Flexera sflynn Flexera

Modify the FlexNet Embedded SDK examples to use HTTPS

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SummaryThe FlexNet Embedded SDK examples that send and receive messages over the network?such as the capability-request and metered examples?are configured to communicate with a server over HTTP. In some cases, such as communications with FlexNet Ope...
by Flexera acurry Flexera