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Error When Registering Product with Client UI

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SummaryWhen registering a product on a non US English locale, an error stating "Couldn't find/load the 'locale' catalog for locale '' " is displayed.SymptomsWhen attempting to register a new product/version on a machine where the system locale is not...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

Using a DropBox URL for Flexnet Connect Updates

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SummaryIn order to use a DropBox URL for the download property of an update, the download URL needs to be specified in a specific format.. This article provides an overview of what is required.SynopsisThe Flexnet Connect Client will generally be able...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

Setting the Display Language for the Web-UI

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SummaryThis article will provide details to Set the Display Language for the Web-UISynopsisBy default, the Software Manager Web-UI will display in English. This article provide information on how to change the language displayed by the Web-UI.Discuss...
by acurry Flexera Alumni (Retired)

How to Access the FlexNet Connect Product Download

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SummaryThis article provides information on how to download FlexNet Connect.SynopsisThis article provides information on how to download FlexNet Connect.DiscussionFlexNet Connect can be accessed via the Product and License Center. This center allows ...
by acurry Flexera Alumni (Retired)

Control the Size of notification-err.log

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SummaryThis article provides the steps necessary to restrict the size of notification-err.log.SynopsisThe log file notification-err.log will track various information about events and exceptions occurring on the notification server. This log can grow...
by acurry Flexera Alumni (Retired)