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LM_A_CHECKOUT_DATA not showing in log

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SummaryHas there been any changes between FNP 11.9 and 11.13 in terms of attribute LM_A_CHECKOUT_DATA?QuestionWith FlexNet Publisher (FNP) 11.9, the lc_set_attr() attribute LM_A_CHECKOUT_DATA data would show up in the vendor log. With current version...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

FNP calling IP address

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SummaryAs part of the Amazon EC2 detection FNP may make calls to the IP Address with FlexNet Publisher (FNP) 11.12 it has been noticed that FNP attempts to communicate with the IP address Discussion...
by dhumphreys Pilgrim

Which version of OpenSSL is used with FNP?

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SummaryWhich version of OpenSSL is used with FlexNet Publisher?QuestionWhich version of OpenSSL is used with FlexNet Publisher?AnswerFor FNP 11.12.1, the OpenSSL version used was 1.0.1e. For FNP 11.13.1, the OpenSSL version used was 1.0.1h. In FNP 11...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

LM_PROJECT support options for FNP

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SummaryLM_PROJECT support options for FNPQuestionIs there a way to support LM_PROJECT keyword in the feature line so only the users who have the matched LM_PROJECT can checkout the license? For example, something along the lines of:SERVER this_host A...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera