FlcLicensingCreate crashing on windows 10

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Hi ,We are using Flexnet Embedded 2017 R2 for our product. Initially the toolkit was built using VS2010 on windows 7.Recently we migrated the client using VS2017 on windows 10.After migration the API FlcLicensingCreate seems to be failing and crashin...
by Sambareen Pilgrim

Capability Reqests authorization

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As I understand it, you can give a user an "entitlement key" to be sent as part of a capability request. Such a key would have been generated previously by the back-end server and distributed to qualified customers, and then used in validating the c...
by snidelyflex Pilgrim

REST API - Enabling Security

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I'm having some problems enabling the Secuirty for the REST API. I'm running the following command to generate the producer settings:./ -prop ./fne-prop.txt -o ./producer-settings.xml -id ./IdentityClientServer.bin -admin-password 1...
by cparmar Pilgrim

General questions about implementation

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Hi, I'm very new to this licensing software and I'm using the FlexNet Embedded Java XT package, mostly just playing around with the examples right now. I'm using binary license files and running the "client" example. My first question is, given a l...
by cmp2488 Pilgrim

What is the Flexlm Licencing Cost

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Hello,Regarding the deployment of our commercial software product we would like to incorporate the Flexlm licencing. I would like to know the Flexlm licencing cost. Our software will be running in 10 computers with Linux Redhat and windows7 so we wan...
by John_Jo Pilgrim

License Activation

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It is said that FNE can support License Activation.I have been looking through the documentation and the only activation it talks about is when we use the IdentityClientServer.bin to generate the .h file.Which supports the publisher and identity API ...
by ArjaaAine Pilgrim