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FlexNet Publisher versus FlexNet Embedded license server

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SummaryHow does a FlexNet Publisher work compared to a FlexNet Embedded license server?QuestionWhat's the difference between how a FlexNet Publisher (FNP) and FlexNet Embedded (FNE) license server work?AnswerAn FNE license server and an FNP license s...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Disabling unused hostid lookup and virtualization detection

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SummaryDisabling unused hostid lookup and virtualization detectionQuestionIf you want to improve performance, how would you go about disabling unused hostid lookups and virtualization detection?For example, I find that the GetFeatureCollection(Licens...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Reclaiming a license from a defunct client

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SummaryReclaiming a license from a defunct clientQuestionAssume a customer creates a VM, then borrows licenses from the Cloud License Server. Then that VM is ?destroyed? (w/out returning the licenses). How can they go about reclaiming those licenses ...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Is there an option for a non-Java Local License Server?

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SummaryIs there an option for a non-Java Local License Server?QuestionWhen will a non-Java-based local license server option (C++ or .NET) be available for use?AnswerFirstly, we are certainly aware that a small subset of markets and companies would p...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Why do FNE archives use 'versioned' shared object files on Linux?

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SummaryWhy do FNE archives use 'versioned' shared object files on Linux?QuestionWe're running our setup on a x64 bit SuSE 11.3 system using the flexnet_client-xt-c-x64_linux-2017.08.0.tgz toolkit. When we link the libFlxClientXT_pic.a and libFlxCommo...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Does The flexnetls.jar Package Support Java 9/10?

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SynopsisThe flexnetls.jar package does not appear to be usable with JRE 9 nor 10, are there any plans for a release of that software for the later version of Java?DiscussionEngineering currently have no plans for supporting Java 9/10.
by Flexera dgalloway Flexera

Is there a separate server borrow interval?

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SummaryIs there a separate server borrow interval?QuestionWe have a product that allows the users to specify the amount of days for which they wish to borrow a feature from their license server. As we rely on the C XT SDK, we proceed accordingly in t...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera