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Using a dongle as a license server hostID

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SummaryUsing a dongle as a license server hostIDQuestionAssume, for example, you're setting up a local license server tied to a FlexID 10 dongle using the .NET XT FNE 2016 R2 toolkit on 64bit Windows, as the Ethernet MAC address won?t work for your b...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

FlexNet Publisher versus FlexNet Embedded license server

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SummaryHow does a FlexNet Publisher work compared to a FlexNet Embedded license server?QuestionWhat's the difference between how a FlexNet Publisher (FNP) and FlexNet Embedded (FNE) license server work?AnswerAn FNE license server and an FNP license s...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Is there an option for a non-Java Local License Server?

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SummaryIs there an option for a non-Java Local License Server?QuestionWhen will a non-Java-based local license server option (C++ or .NET) be available for use?AnswerFirstly, we are certainly aware that a small subset of markets and companies would p...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Why would FLC_HOSTID_TYPE_USER change on Windows?

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SummaryWhy would FLC_HOSTID_TYPE_USER change on Windows?QuestionAssume a Windows user activated an entitlement 'demoENT' for the device 'Shared.Device;'Note that 'Shared.Device' is FLC_HOSTID_TYPE_USER, i.e. it should match to Windows login.Somehow, ...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera