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Are the XT kits compiled with Secure Anchoring and Binding

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SummaryAre the XT kits compiled with Secure Anchoring and BindingQuestionDo you need to do the steps for Secure Anchoring to get the FLCERR_TS_BINDING_BREAK error as a return value? Or is there already some default hardware data stored that will trig...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

How do you prevent a VM from spoofing a Device ID?

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QuestionUse case: You've enabled VM detection using the API function, then ran a series of tests and proved that you can get a license for a Feature without increasing your feature licensing count in FNO by spoofing a Device ID like a MAC address.The...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Cannot acquire license from trusted storage after restart

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SummaryCannot acquire license from trusted storage after restartQuestionWhen using the FNE 2015 R2 .NET XT kit (though this would apply to any kit really), you're having an issue with your network license implementation:? User connects to a network l...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Using a dongle as a license server hostID

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SummaryUsing a dongle as a license server hostIDQuestionAssume, for example, you're setting up a local license server tied to a FlexID 10 dongle using the .NET XT FNE 2016 R2 toolkit on 64bit Windows, as the Ethernet MAC address won?t work for your b...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Is there an option for a non-Java Local License Server?

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SummaryIs there an option for a non-Java Local License Server?QuestionWhen will a non-Java-based local license server option (C++ or .NET) be available for use?AnswerFirstly, we are certainly aware that a small subset of markets and companies would p...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Clock-Windback detection with an FlexNet Embedded client

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SummaryDo you need to separately resolve clock-windback once you've corrected a client system clock?QuestionIf a client system activates a capability request and then realizes their system clock isn?t correct, after they fix the system clock, the clo...
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera

Flexnet License Server Logging Integration

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SummaryFlexnet License Server Logging IntegrationQuestionWhat options are there available with regards to FlexNet Embedded License Server Logging Integration?AnswerPlease see the attached blog posting from our Engineering team.
by Flexera mtbruce Flexera