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Newly Created Update Does Not Display for Windows Agent

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SummaryIn Flexnet Connect 2015, changes were made to how an update type is identified. The product/update type is now identified at the update level, rather than at the product level.. If the update is not flagged with the correct type, then it will...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

FlexNet Connect Client Does Not Show Update or Messages for Product

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SummaryThe FlexNet Connect U client does not appear when checking for updates of a registered product.SynopsisWhen attempting to use the UI client (FlexNetConnectClient.exe) nothing is displayed when the show notification parameter, -sn, is used. The...
by ctang Pilgrim

Is VirtualBox VM detection possible?

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SummaryThis article will explain if VirtualBox VM detection possible in the FlexNet Embedded 2014 R2 & FlexNet Connect 2015 C XT toolkit.QuestionIs VirtualBox VM detection possible?AnswerFlexNet Embedded 2014 R2 only supports detection on the followi...
by Flexera jmcmillan Flexera