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OS freezes during scan execution

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SummaryThis article provides steps to investigate an issue where the OS freezes during scanningSymptomsThe following problems occurred at customer 's environment.OS freezes during scan execution.ResolutionCustomer confirmed the issue no longer appear...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

FlexNet Code Insight Line break in Scheduler screen

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SummaryThis article documents bug reference SCA-10763 which identifies an issue with the formatting of the Scheduler screen when using an account with a first name and last name longer than 10 charactersSymptomsThe formatting of the FlexNet Code Insi...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

FlexNet Code Insight SPDX Generator issue

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SummaryThis article documents an issue with the GenerateSpdxFile.groovy script when attempting to convert the results from RDF to spreadsheetSynopsisWhen RDF converted to Spreadsheet by using the spdx-tools 1.x, File Info sheet was blank in FlexNet C...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

FlexNet Code Insight Scan of .whl archives

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SummaryThis article documents the capabilities of FlexNet Code Insight when scanning .whl archivesSynopsisCan FlexNet Code Insight scan inside .whl packages.DiscussionUnfortunately FlexNet Code Insight does not currently have the capability to scan ....
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

Scan fails with Data too long for column 'NAME_' error

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SummaryThis article discusses the cause of an issue with the maximum character count on the PSE_SCANNED_ITEMS.NAME columnSymptomsScans which include long file paths such as archives can fail with the below error being shown in the scanEngineDetail.lo...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

How can I create my own report template?

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SummaryThis article discusses the possibility of creating custom reports for use with FlexNet Code InsightSynopsisIs it possible to create your own report with FlexNet Code Insight 6.12.1, which can be called up under the menu item "Reports"?Discussi...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

Unable to see any workspaces in the UI

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SummaryThis article one possible cause of an issue where users are unable to see their workspaces after signing in to the FlexNet Code Insight UISynopsisAfter logging in to Flex Code Insight, no workspaces are shown in the UIDiscussionEnsure that tom...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

Incorrect title in SwaggerDocs.html

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SummaryThis article documents a correction made to the title of the POST /workflowv2/ressignRequest API listed in the SwaggerDocs.html file for FlexNet Code Insight 6.12.1SymptomsThere is a mistake in the SwaggerDocs.html for FlexNet Code Insight 6.1...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

Request History is not shows in FlexNet Code Insight 6.12.1

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SummaryThis article documents a bug under reference SCA-8933 which aims to resolve an issue of Request History not showing when the PAS_ENTITY_REVISION.USERNAME_ column contains NULL dataSymptomsFollowing an upgrade to FlexNet CodeInsight 6.12.1 many...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera