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All FlexeraBot's Badges

FlexeraBot has earned 16 badges!
  • Discussion novice
    Discussion novice
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 5,350 users
    This is just the beginning. You are on your way to building discussion on the Flexera Community.
  • Toe Dipper
    Toe Dipper
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 1,250 users
    You’ve got the ball rolling and are getting comfortable with conversation.
  • Conversation starter
    Conversation starter
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 756 users
    You are keeping the conversation going and questions coming. Congratulations on reaching 5 posts!
  • Inquisitive thinker
    Inquisitive thinker
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 396 users
    You’re an inquisitive person and your 10 posts are helping Flexera Community members share their insights. Way to go!
  • Engagement Specialist
    Engagement Specialist
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 268 users
    A fancy title for an engaged user. Congratulations on reaching 15 posts!
  • Storyteller
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 198 users
    You have something to say, and the community is listening.
  • Scout
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 168 users
    Hey there, scout. We appreciate your search for new information and the 25 posts you created. Trek on.
  • Pathfinder
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 121 users
    Never one to falter, your enthusiasm for posting only adds to the community.
  • Front line member
    Front line member
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 77 users
    You are on the front line of Flexera Community discussions. Your 50 posts are paving the way for others. March on.
  • Explorer
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 57 users
    You never shrink from posting, and the community appreciates it.
  • Trailblazer
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 43 users
    You’re ahead of the pack and leading the way.
  • Prolific poster
    Prolific poster
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 29 users
    You’re more prolific than Stephen King. You have started 100 great conversations for the Flexera Community. Keep going!
  • Enterpreneur
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 8 users
    You take risks that pay off. You’ve got vision. The 200 topic discussions you have started have made waves. Continue to think big!
  • Olympian Poster
    Olympian Poster
    ‎Apr 30, 2021
    Earned by 6 users
    If they gave out medals for posting, you’d get one—in addition to this badge!
  • Conversation leader
    Conversation leader
    ‎Apr 30, 2021
    Earned by 6 users
    You are a true leader in the Flexera Community. By creating 300 new topics, you have achieved what few have. Thank you!
  • Flexeran
    ‎Apr 11, 2021
    Earned by 1,196 users
    Talent. Experience. A desire to upend the software business. And gives back in ways that matter. A part of Team Flexera!