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All MichaelU's Badges

MichaelU has earned 15 badges!
  • Discussion novice
    Discussion novice
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 5,579 users
    This is just the beginning. You are on your way to building discussion on the Flexera Community.
  • Reply recruit
    Reply recruit
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 4,566 users
    Hey there, recruit. You made it over the first hurdle. Don’t stop now.
  • Accepted solution apprentice
    Accepted solution apprentice
    ‎Dec 07, 2020
    Earned by 636 users
    Hey there, apprentice. This is the first of what we are sure will many be high-quality solutions. Keep it up!
  • Brave New Recruit
    Brave New Recruit
    ‎Jun 16, 2022
    Earned by 174 users
    You’ve joined the ranks of the brave few who have contributed strong solutions.
  • Engaged member
    Engaged member
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 1,044 users
    You are keeping the conversation going and others engaged! Five posts done. We welcome more from you.
  • Conversationalist
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 588 users
    We're loving the good conversations. Your 10 posts have created a buzz. Keep going!
  • Responsive poster
    Responsive poster
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 298 users
    You are quick to reply with thought and care. The 25 replies you posted on the Flexera Community are great! We welcome more.
  • Articulate writer
    Articulate writer
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 154 users
    You have articulated your thoughts so well in your 50 replies to the Flexera Community. Looking forward to more of your eloquent replies!
  • Insightful
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 77 users
    Your insightful words are welcome. Reaching 100 replies on the Flexera Community is no small feat. Keep it up!
  • Great thinker
    Great thinker
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 32 users
    You clearly put great thought into your 250 replies on the Flexera Community. Keep up the great work!
  • Philosopher
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 16 users
    Socrates had nothing on you. You are growing minds with your 500 replies on the Flexera Community. We look forward to more from you!
  • Mentor
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 9 users
    You are admired. You a mentor to your peers. The 750 replies on the Flexera Community show that. We can’t wait to see what is next!
  • Savant
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 8 users
    This is no small feat. You are considered distinguished on the Flexera Community, with your 1000 replies.
  • Luminary
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 4 users
    You are a true luminary in the Flexera Community. By posting 1500 replies, you have achieved what few have. Thank you!
  • Flexeran
    ‎Jul 18, 2019
    Earned by 1,205 users
    Talent. Experience. A desire to upend the software business. And gives back in ways that matter. A part of Team Flexera!