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Re: Why there is no search button for cases ?

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Hi @chirag_sharma2 - thank you for the feedback. This issue will be resolved with the case portal improvements planned for May. You may see an update on our plans in the Community Case Management Blog updates -
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Re: New Case Submitted - No acknowledgement

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Just to confirm the email notification issue, is still not resolved. Also I do not believe this is solely attributed to the new portal move, as I was having issues with notifications before the move to the new CRM. If you need any detail on my case the case number is: 01827543

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Re: New Case Submitted - No acknowledgement

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Agree - not resolved.

I opened a ticket yesterday (5/20) and have not received a notification. In addition I don't even know if someone has been assigned and it has been 24 hours.

Hopefully someone at Flexera can look into this for me.

Case # - 01852756


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