How to Contact Flexera Support

How to Contact Flexera Support

Flexera has an expert team of professionals available to answer questions and to assist you with technical issues relating to Flexera products.

Opening a Support Case

To contact Flexera Support for technical issues, please select the Support > Open New Case menu option in Flexera Community (sign-in required).

Contacting Flexera Support by Phone

In addition to our online submission system, you can contact Support using the following information:

North America +1 630-332-5957 (toll)
+1 877-279-3781 (toll-free)
Europe +44 1925 944368 (toll)
+44 800 047 8643 (toll-free)
Asia/Pacific +61 1800 560 584
Japan +81 3-4540-5335


The above contact details apply to support in relation to all Flexera products, including:

  • AdminStudio
  • App Broker/App Portal
  • Cloud Management Platform
  • Columbus
  • Data Platform
  • Flexera One
  • FlexNet Manager Suite
  • FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications
  • Foundation/CloudScape
  • Optima
  • SaaS Management
  • Spider
  • Software Vulnerability Manager
  • Software Vulnerability Research
  • Technopedia
  • Workflow Manager

Support for Revenera Products

Click here for support contact details for Revenera products, including:

  • FlexNet Operations
  • FlexNet Embedded
  • FlexNet Publisher
  • InstallShield
  • InstallAnywhere
  • FlexNet Code Insight
  • Compliance Intelligence
  • Usage Intelligence
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Hi @KPBussey ,

Could you please help me to get access to the support cases portal and also other access to the relevant websites in flexera.

@lakshmanj Thank you for your patience - I've updated your account. Can you sign back in to pass new permissions? 

Thanks @KPBussey ,

I'm able to access the support case link, however i do not see any existing tickets. Can you please check.

Lakshman J

@smullins and @gleonard In January of this year you updated my contact information since I had changed jobs. I had asked for this change since I had received my Flexera FlexNet Manager Suite Operations Consultant certification from a previous employer and wanted to make sure I was contacted when it was time to recertify. My certification expires this month but I have not heard from anyone. Would you please let me know who I need to contact to get recertification information?

Hi - Steve is unfortunately no longer with Flexera. I will follow up with Greg to see where we are at. My apologies for the delay!

@lakshmanj  - the default view in cases is to only show the cases you have opened. To view all company cases that are open, please click on Filter and check "All Company Cases"




Hi @KPBussey ,

Yes, if i try to set the above option it will only lists tickets logged from 'Etos Service' Account. I would like to request access for all the tickets logged irrespective of the account.

Hi I am trying to raise a support case could you help on the process on how to raise a case in flexera.

Hi @SoumaBasu ,

login to community portal navigate to Get Support> Open New case or chose case portal.If unable to find the options you may contact you Flexera account manager to get the same enabled



Can I also get access to create a tech support?  Thank you 

Hello, I don't have the function to open a case can someone help me with this issue?

@igorarabadji  and @druhlig  - I'll private message you regarding your account specifics. 

Hi there,


i want to raise support ticket to move SVM from Ubuntu based appliance to CentOS based appliance.

i work for MOEHE Qatar.

Please let me know the contact details or email to raise ticket with the technical team.

@Systemsteam  - please sign back in to update your permissions and you should be set. Best of luck with the move! 

how do i download the SVM Centos appliance for migration from Ubuntu appliance.

Hi @KPBussey ,

I sent an email to as we're currently exploring if we can utilise the IATrack tool to provide more insight on our Siebel usage. Unfortunately, the email address is no longer active and has bounced back. To whom can we divert the IATrack questions now?



I'll reach out to you both via Private Message to discuss next steps. Thanks! 

Hi, I'm unable to raise a case throught Get Support link and my organization information is no longer present in my account info.  What can I do to fix this?

Hi @raywie - can you private message me your company name and account number? I can get you set-up. 


Can I also get access to create a new case for tech support, please ?



@David_G  please sign back in to update your permissions - you are all set! 

Hi, I would like to register a support case but do not have the necessary access. Would you be able to create this in my account?

Thanks so much in advance.



How can i enable my new Maintenance Plan, i can't update expired one ?



I am not able to open a case, don't see the open case option and we are your customer "Mentor Graphics Corp" Based in wilsonville oregon



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