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A-S-K: Getting Your Questions Answered Quickly & Correctly

Welcome aboard!  This brief overview of our support offerings will help you find answers to your questions quickly. The A-S-K model was developed based on customer experience and industry best practices. Please review the article, identify your support plan & get started. We look forward to working with you! 

Arrange your team for case management

This one time step will help your team bypass obstacles down the road. Take time to set your team up for success by:

How to Find Your Support Plan

Seek Answers

Over 32,000 customers use our self-service community to search and ask for answers. Our search engine crawls our documentation, learning center, and community sites - giving you one place to find the information need. On our community itself, we have over 15,000 answers and each product has a support forum staffed by subject matter experts. The average response time to a question is less than one day! 

If you don't find your answer in our community, we recommend your team open a case with our Technical Support Team. 

How to Open a Case

Keep track of outcomes

Our Global Support Team is comprised of 65 technical professionals around the globe. They partner closely with our Engineering Team to resolve questions and offer advice. Watch the overview video for details on what to expect from the team after you open a case.

What to Expect When You Open a Case

Additional Resources

Arrange Your Team
Seek Answers
Keep Track of Outcomes
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Level 2


I have lost access to my cases list, when I try to enter the URL that I had saved I get the message: "You don't have access to this page". And now under "Get support" menu I do not see the options to open a case or go to my cases list. Could you help me with this?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


Flexera Alumni

I am sorry for the issues - I'll reach out via private message so we can troubleshoot together. Best - Katie

Level 2


I would like to be able to raise support tickets for my organization. I have registered with my company email however it has not linked to the company. Please could this be looked into?


Level 3



I also need to open a case and I do not see the "Open Case" under Get Support. How can i go about opening a case?


Thank you

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