Looking for Flexera API information?

Looking for Flexera API information?

We offer a variety of APIs for our products. To get started, find your product below. If you run into questions, please post questions in our forums.  


PowerShell Cmdlets are available to automate many operations related to AdminStudio Enterprise. Read our documentation or search the AdminStudio community for discussion and examples for PowerShell Cmdlets provided with AdminStudio. 

App Broker/App Portal:
We offer version-specific API information. The links below are for the 2021 R1 release. For past releases, go to docs.flexera.com and located your specific version of the administration guide and search for  "API Reference":

Cloud Management Platform, Governance, Optima, Self-Service:


Flexera One:

Getting Started with Flexera One APIs


Initial APIs detailed here cover Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) capabilities.

FlexNet Manager Suite Cloud/Flexera One ITAM:

IT Asset Management Data API


Our documentation has the getting starting information. Information about API endpoints can be found at api.riscnetworks.com/docs.html.

Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM):

Find SVM API details with PowerShell examples in our product documentation

Software Vulnerability Research (SVR):

Find SVR API details with PowerShell examples in our product documentation


Find the initial API set-up in our documentation: 


Visit our product documentation for the REST API  to pull Technopedia-only data.

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Is there any documentation for FNMS On-Premises?



@clugo1 - The new REST API is only for FNMS Cloud.  For FNMS On-Premises, you have full access to all of the data at the SQL layer.  The FlexNet Manager database schema is fully documented and you can get assistance if needed from the Community with your SQL Scripts if you should chose to use that method to extract data.

Thanks @kclausen.


API access can provide more simple and secure integrations, not only to extract data but to automate tasks, its an opportunity to enhance FNMS. 

Is there any other/better documentation on the Technopedia REST API? 

The https://docs.flexera.com/dataplatform55/TechnopediaAPI_Filters.pdf calls out the available filters, but doesn't give any other info on what each endpoint is for, explanation of the attributes, exhaustive list of attributes, suggested usage of the API, etc.   

Related to this, is there a more recent version of the API in the works or existing? like a v6?

Thank you!

@dhergert-payx - I am not sure of the answer to your question, but you may want to consider posting the query in the Data Platform forum (select the Find My Product > Data Platform menu option, then click Data Platform Forum). That will help get you connected with people who are familiar and working with that specific product.

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