Why are my tracked features or events not showing up in reports?

Why are my tracked features or events not showing up in reports?

The best way to answer this question is by explaining how Event and Feature Tracking works.

Which events/features are tracked and which are not?

Before a client can collect event/feature data, that event or feature name must be allowed on the server. All features in the allowed list are tracked by the server. You can view the list of allowed features from the Usage Intelligence Dashboard by navigating to the Administration page and under the Product Settings click on Event Tracking Management.

How does the server build the Allowed list?

The first time the server learns about a new feature/event from ANY client (usually the first time you register that event on your development machine), it adds it to the "tracked events allowed" if your account has enough quota available. This will allow you to choose which features you want to track and which features you want to ignore from within the UI, without having to modify your code later on after deployment.

After that step is complete, every client that calls home and syncs with the server will be informed about the new event allowed so that it can start collecting data about the known allowed events.

The very first time that a client sees a brand new event name that is not yet allowed, it will take a note of it to inform the server on the next sync. This usually happens on your development machine the very first time you call ruiTrackEvent().

For testing purposes, the easiest way to build the allowed list and sync new event/feature names with the server is by running and closing your application at least once. During your call to ruiStopSDK() the client and server will learn about all the new features and you will see these listed in the allowed list on the Event Tracking Management page.

Thus the next time you run your application (from any client machine) it should start collecting usage data and when you close your application these will be immediately displayed in the report.

Please note that this only affects your development/testing environment the first time you run the application (i.e. until you register the event with the server). All your live clients will start tracking usage statistics immediately on the first run since the server allowed list would have already been built during testing.

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