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What is the procedure to terminate my account and what happens to my data after termination?

What is the procedure to terminate my account and what happens to my data after termination?

In order to permanently terminate your product subscription or your account, you will need to open a ticket through the helpdesk, indicating the date when you wish to terminate. If on the other hand, you wish to downgrade or change your subscription plan, then please contact us to our Sales department to discuss your requirements.

It is strongly suggested to remove the Usage Intelligence SDK from your application if you decide to stop tracking users. However in the case where you need to terminate your Usage Intelligence subscription but still have clients that are running a Usage Intelligence enabled build, then you may take advantage of the options below.

Remotely disable tracking on your clients

Usage Intelligence offers a service by which it can remotely turn off tracking on all your clients. This optional service is offered for free for all Premium users and is the cleanest way to terminate your account. The way this works is that around 1-2 months before you terminate your account you can contact support and request to enable this feature on your product ID. At this point, every time a client calls home to the server, it is sent back a signal (via the protocol) that instructs the SDK to simply stop tracking any data and to stop attempting to call home. This procedure is irreversible and must only be used if you want to permanently stop using the Usage Intelligence service in your application.

Export a copy of your data

By using the Reporting API, Usage Intelligence enables you to export a copy of your data for archiving purposes. The export must be carried out before you terminate your account since after this point the data will no longer remain available.

What happens to my tracked users once the account is no longer active?

Once you terminate your account, the server will start rejecting any callhome request from your callhome URL. This means if you still have client installations that are using the Usage Intelligence SDK when your application attempts to call home to the server it will receive a reject/backoff message so no tracking data will be sent to the server.

After some time, your callhome URL will also be disabled from the DNS, in which case the SDK will get a timeout when trying to connect to the Usage Intelligence server via your callhome URL. The Usage Intelligence SDK is designed to handle such timeouts in the same way it is designed to work offline when the user has no internet connectivity. In this case, any tracking data is logged to cache until the cache file reaches a particular threshold which by default this is around 1MB. Once this limit is reached, the SDK will simply not store any more data and all tracking data is simply discarded. This is a safety mechanism to protect log file size from growing forever in case a user is permanently offline or the account is disabled.

What happens to my data after the account is terminated?

Once your account is terminated, the data is discarded from our servers. It may take several days for your data to also be removed from our automated backups, however, after termination it is no longer possible to generate reports. Should you wish to stop tracking users and still retain reporting functionality on historical data, please contact support to discuss such options on a case-by-case basis.

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