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How to integrate the Usage Intelligence SDK into my application

How to integrate the Usage Intelligence SDK into my application

The Revulytics Usage Intelligence SDK is designed to be developer friendly and easy to integrate. Once you have read this getting started guide, basic integration will typically take you less than 30 minutes.

The Basics

  1. Create an Account: If you are not already an existing user, please start by creating a free account on the website.
  2. Register a Product: After creating your account login to the Dashboard and from the Home page click on the Register Free Product button. Fill in the product name, confirm your user details and click on Submit to create your free product. Every user is allowed 1 FREE product and an unlimited number of premium products.
  3. Retrieve your Product ID and URL: Make sure that your new product is selected in the product selector on the top left of the Dashboard and then go to the Administration page. Here you will find a unique Call Home URL and Product ID which will be required later when integrating the Usage Intelligence SDK.
  4. Download the SDK: Download the latest SDK for your preferred platform from the here and extract the archive contents to your project location.
  5. Integrate the SDK into your Application: Follow the implementation instructions as outlined in the documentation according to your platform:

Testing Basic Integration

Once you complete the above steps, your application is Usage Intelligence enabled and every time a user runs your application, it will be tracked. You can test this basic integration by compiling and running your application. Given your application has access to the internet, you can view the results in real-time by logging in to the Usage Intelligence Dashboard.

Note that the Usage Intelligence SDK uses a caching mechanism, so in order to test real-time reporting you might need to close and re-open your application in order to force the SDK to sync with the Usage Intelligence server.

Advanced Features

Once you have implemented the basics you are ready to make use of a number of advanced features which are made available by the Usage Intelligence SDK. Please check out the Usage Intelligence SDK documentation for instructions on how to:

  • Track Events and Feature Usage
  • Track Custom Properties
  • Track License Conversions
  • Validate License Keys
  • Send ReachOut™ in-app messaging and marketing campaigns

You can also view this video for a full example integration walk through.

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