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How can I send a ReachOut™ message to a test machine only?

How can I send a ReachOut™ message to a test machine only?

ReachOut™ campaigns allow you to filter based on the Client ID, which is a unique ID assigned to each client installation which integrates the Usage Intelligence SDK. In order to test your ReachOut™ campaigns and verify how the message will be delivered to your users, you can use this ID to target a specific test installation.

Follow these steps to find out the Client ID for your installation and create a ReachOut™ campaign targeting this instance only:

  1. From the folder your application is using when calling ruiCreateConfig() open ruiconfig*.cfg
  2. Find the value of the CLIENTID, which is made up of 16 alphanumeric characters
  3. From the Usage Intelligence Dashboard navigate to the ReachOut™ page and create a new campaign or edit an existing one
  4. In the Recipient Profile Filter section, add a filter for the Client ID
  5. Enter the client ID retrieved in step 2. You may enter multiple IDs to target more than one installation
  6. If you click the Estimate Recipients button you should see the number of matching recipients is equal to the number of client IDs you entered
  7. Save the campaign and the next time you run those specific installations your application will receive the ReachOut™ message

More information about the Usage Intelligence configuration file and its location can be found in this KBase article.

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