Exporting raw data collected by Usage Intelligence

Exporting raw data collected by Usage Intelligence

Usage Intelligence supports exporting raw data collected from your tracked clients for use with third party systems or offline backup. The data is made available in CSV format and a daily archive is created. The exported files can be downloaded from the Usage Intelligence Dashboard by going to the Admin page and under Data Management click on Exported Data Files > Raw Data Export tab. Each archive contains two types of files, the events file and the properties file.

Events File

The events CSV file contains all the raw events collected from clients and includes the timestamp of the event, the type of event, the Client ID, Session ID, and additional data according to the event type.

The event type codes in the CSV file translate to the following events:

  • nr - New client registration
  • st - Session start
  • sp - Session stop
  • ev - Event without custom data
  • en - Event with numeric data
  • et - Event with custom text data
  • ec - Event with custom key value pairs
  • ex - Exception
  • ls - Server managed license change
  • lc - Client managed license change
  • lk - License key change
  • ra - Delivery of automatic ReachOut campaign
  • rm - Delivery of manual ReachOut campaign

Properties File

The properties CSV file contains the meta data for all clients which appear in the events file. This includes the client ID, machine ID, product data, license status, operating system and hardware information, and any custom properties enabled for the product. The values found in this file are the last known values for each client.

Raw Data Export is an optional feature which needs to be enabled on your product. Contact support for more information or to enable this feature. A sample of the exported files is available in the Usage Intelligence Dashboard when browsing the DEMO Product.


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