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Can I Clean Up All My Tracking Statistics and Start With a Fresh Account?

Can I Clean Up All My Tracking Statistics and Start With a Fresh Account?

It is normal that during evaluation/testing you might collect test data (such as build numbers, event names, etc) which you would like to clean up before deploying your software live. This will allow you to start with a clean, empty dashboard when you start tracking your first live users.

For this reason, Usage Intelligence offers premium users the option to manually delete your old/test data. To send in this request, please open a support ticket and include:

  • Your Product ID
  • If your product has custom properties enabled, which of the custom properties you'd like to keep 

Requests are normally handled within 1 business day, but please allow up to 48 hours for our admins to process your request.

What You Should Do After a Cleanup Operation

When a full purge operation is requested, you must DELETE all Usage Intelligence config and log files BEFORE running your application again. Before you do this, your client installations will no longer be able to communicate with the server. The reason is that during the purge operation all data related to your existing installations, including client IDs and encryption keys, are deleted from our servers, so all clients must register themselves again before any data can be collected.

The files that you need to delete and their location is documented in What Files Are Created by the Usage Intelligence SDK and What Is the Folder Location? The files will be recreated automatically by the Usage Intelligence SDK on the first time you run your application.

NOTE: This option is only available for paid accounts. Therefore, before sending us your request you must ensure that your account has been upgraded to one of our premium plans.

NOTE: We can only accept such requests from users who are registered as account administrators. If you have been invited to use a product account for which you have not been given administrative rights, then you must ask your administrator to send the cleanup request.


Once this request has been processed, all tracking data is PERMANENTLY deleted from your database and is unrecoverable. Therefore make sure you get approval from all parties managing your account.

This operation is only intended to be used for cleaning up any test data BEFORE you deploy your product live. If you have already deployed your product and have a number of end-users being tracked by Usage Intelligence, this cleanup procedure will result in those users to permanently lose the ability to be tracked. The only way to start tracking them again would be to delete all the config and log files used by the Usage Intelligence SDK on the client machines. At that point, the Usage Intelligence server will start to see them as new installations.

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