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reporting API change request

I use this API endpoint ( to download raw data files. It takes a long time to get the full list of URLs for all of our products, because it's going back and retrieving 90 days' worth.

I'd like it if you added another parameter(s) for start/end date for files, so I could just retrieve from a smaller date range. We are collecting the files every day and generally I just want to get the URLs for the previous day files.

The process to get these files and download them takes about 26 minutes, most of which is the URL's. I believe 75% + of that time could be eliminated, assuming that if I asked for 1/90th of the file URL's, it would eliminate 90% of the time for those api calls.

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We have captured this as an enhancement request. This could be candidate after the full migration of the new dashboard design.



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