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How to get Minitab concurrent active users analytics

Hi Team,

We are using Minitab license server with 50 concurrent licenses. Now we are planning to track the active users count trends weekly, monthly.

But Minitab is only providing a log file "Minitab.dl" which will be present under the License Manager installation directory.

Is there any option in FlexEra to capture the active user trend we are looking for ? If so how to acquire this option ?

As FlexEra is the License Manager provider for Minitab, thought of checking with Flexera community.


Thank you so much.



Akbar NK

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Hi Akbar,

This is Sathish from Revenera and i will be assisting you further with this case.

Could you please let us know which product(License Manager) of Flexera you are currently using?




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Hi Sathish,

We are using Minitab 20 (License manager)




Akbar NK

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Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin

Hello @AkbarNK,

Sounds like you could benefit from one of our other Flexera solutions. Here is information about the FlexNet Manager solution which can help with tracking license consumption:

If you would like to explore more technical information about this product, please visit our Flexera Community:

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out one of our product specialist here:

Hope that helps!


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