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Downloading data - Custom events and Raw data

Some concerns on downloading data.
I am asking myself why do not all data downloads appear on the same side.
Why do i have to navigate to different locations, which far away from each other.
Custem event data:
Raw data:

I would expect that both can be found at one location.

Further it may happen that the Raw datas are very big, but even than i would prefer to download the data of a whole week, or whole month instead of downloading each day.

Kind regards

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Hi, we have added this into our product management system as an enhancement request. We are currently progressing with a major user interface redesign of the usage intelligence solution. We certainly see the value in having one place to access all downloads and will consider this request once the redesign is complete.



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Maybe you should consider it before the redesign is complete.

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Hannes: I have an R package I created that can automate the download of the daily files. We were storing those as zip and using them ad hoc, until very recently we implemented a process in Azure Data Factory that unzips them and stores it all as parquet files that we can use for analysis and reporting.