FNMS End-User Training


The FlexNet Manager Suite (FNMS) End-User Workshop will map the existing business process against an industry-practice model while providing clarity by establishing system tasks, roles and responsibilities, and validating proposed data flows. This insight allows you to confirm that potential weaknesses are identified, and business goals can be achieved. During the three-day workshop, a Flexera licensing and software asset management (SAM) process consultant will: 

  • Review and provide feedback on SAM and related business practices
  • Help licensee understand considerations that should be made when implementing
  • Train on using FNMS to support licensee’s SAM practices
  • Make recommendations for day-to-day SAM operations

Designed to deeply integrate FNMS functionality with existing SAM practices, the information discussed will allow the implementation of any new processes required.  

Who attends: The Workshop is a series of discussions and hands-on exercises with people from relevant parts of the licensee organization, such as SAM, purchasing, IT, contracts and geographic or business unit management.

Note: Although some reconciliation and usage rights will be practically demonstrated and applied during the workshop, it doesn't deliver a full license reconciliation for any software.

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