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We are excited to announce our expanded alliance with TLUX, a certified worldwide AdminStudio training partner with over 20 years’ experience in the market. (

Learn how to accelerate application preparation while lowering risk.  AdminStudio now handles more by repackaging legacy setups into desired formats and customize applications to meet your organization’s needs, be they pre-configured vendor packages, legacy setups or in-house packages.

  • Take advantage of the latest AdminStudio 2020 features, such as:
    • Enhanced Package Automation including Package Matching against the Package Feed Module to strengthen the Application Catalog and speed up packaging time.
    • Tailor your packaging process Automation with ‘Configure Actions’ to add flexibility to those Automated processes – including automation scheduling
    • Learn about importing packages from and distributing to Microsoft InTune, including:
      • Converting MSI/EXE packages for use in InTune
    • See the additional flexibility with new PowerShell support (e.g Cmdlets)
    • InstallShield 2020 support, such as:
      • MSIX support (including bundles, services support, Modification Packages, MSIX Core, Pure 64bit installers and AWS Cloud support)
      • Updated Setup Pre-requisites downloader


  • Uncover and learn best practices to determine deployment options that take advantage of vendor setup capabilities
  • Determine deployment options quickly, proactively identify and mitigate applications issues before deployment
  • Use a repeatable process to build, customize and test application delivery.
  • Learn to reduce risk of any compatibility issues.
  • Begin creating custom deployments without repacking.
  • Use PowerShell or WiseScript templates to easily wrap vendor setups.

You will participate in practical, hands-on project experience that is focused on interactive sessions.

Previous AdminStudio experience is not required. You should, however, be comfortable using Windows Explorer and the command prompt to create and manage files and run executables and understand basic Windows terminology.

TLUX is ready to assist you on all stages of your journey with repackaging. You can find their worldwide training schedule and further details at


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