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Change Title

Populating Lifecycle Dates for IBM Products on Support code published by IBM

Class 2

Customers should be aware and be prepared

Change Summary

Upon further research and validation by Flexera, the dates populated by policies have been reverted and will reflect in Technopedia build 2023.05.31 whilst ARL changes will reflect on June 9, 2023. 

This notification is about upcoming changes in the way we’re updating/curating lifecycle dates for IBM products in our content libraries on the lifecycle support code identified by IBM.

Content libraries in scope:

·         Technopedia (Lifecycle Content Pack for Data Platform and Technopedia customers, Enrichment Pack for Flexera One IT Visibility customers)

·         ARL (Software Lifecycle Data Pack for FNMS and Flexera One ITAM customers)

IBM does not always provide explicit End of life and Obsolete dates and instead, provides Product Lifecycle policy codes (calculated dates from GA). Flexera has interpreted lifecycle policy codes to auto-calculate the IBM Products End of life and Obsolete dates to provide more coverage to our valued customers.

The announcement letter (Support Code) identification from IBM is below.

  • S = Standard - minimum 3 years support with extension of 3 years
  • E = Enhanced - minimum 5 years support with extension of 3 years
  • C = Continuous Delivery - minimum 2 years support with extension of 1 year
  • O = Other - specific policies on products marked as "Other" can be found in the product announcement






As per the above example:

·         In Technopedia, EOL/OBS dates for IBM Big Replicate version 2.0 (Release ID 230001911 or 79ac10b5-2f54-41b9-8116-f25b031632ff) will be calculated as 5 years from GA date, i.e., 6/23/2021 (GA+5 years).

·         In the Software Lifecycle Data Pack in ARL Big Replicate 2.0 or MGS-APP-00000258008 will be calculated as 5 years from GA date, i.e., 6/23/2021 (GA+5 years).


·         Additional 3-year extension will not be considered as standard lifecycle dates (Obsolete) since this extension support is a paid support and not generally available to everyone.

·         If at any point IBM makes explicit EOS/EOL dates public and are different from what is given by policy code, these dates will overwrite the calculated ones


Changes will affect 1417 Technopedia releases as well as 309 ARL applications. Please find the details in the attached spreadsheet.


Customers should expect these changes on 21st April 2023 These changes have now been completed These changes have been reverted which will be reflected on Technopedia build 2023.05.31 whilst ARL changes will reflect on June 9, 2023.