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Change Title Major Changes in Technopedia - ARL Crosswalk Class 1 Customers should be prepared and take action
Change Summary

The Technopedia – ARL Crosswalk provides a means to associate Technopedia software products and/or releases to ARL applications for joint Data Platform and FNMS customers.

The original crosswalk was based on analyzing title-to-title comparisons. We have enhanced the crosswalk methodology to link titles based on the underlying evidence, providing a higher quality of match.

We plan to deploy the first set of these changes beginning March 8, 2021.


These changes will impact all customers who use both Data Platform and FNMS and take advantage of either the crosswalk table in Data Platform or the crosswalk report in FNMS.

The crosswalk table in Data Platform (CAT_FLEXERA_ARL) will see the following changes:

  • Crosswalk records today: 230,713
  • Crosswalk records will be marked ‘To be deleted’: 30,171
    • Inaccurate crosswalk: 13,340
    • Crosswalk to product-level only: 12,535
    • Crosswalk on Tier 10 (Inactive) publishers: 4,296
  • Crosswalk records after March 8, 2021: 200,542
    • Evidence-based crosswalk: 74,112
    • Legacy crosswalk: 126,430

The crosswalk report in FNMS will see changes depending on how many titles in your inventory have crosswalk relationships to Technopedia.

Additional crosswalk table updates to enhance crosswalk relationships with evidence are planned in the near future.

Next Steps:

    • You should review the proposed changes and be prepared for potential impact in your inventory.
    • Several additional releases will be announced in the future with a minimum of ten business days notice, linked to this original announcement.
    • We will not publish the list of actual records above in the Community Portal. If you are entitled to the crosswalk and would like to obtain the list, please contact us so we can arrange to have the list provided to you before the March 8, 2021 date.

We welcome your feedback on these changes!