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Change Title

Technopedia Manufacturer Tier Definition Updates

Class 2

Customers should be aware and be prepared

Change Summary

In order to provide updated manufacturer coverage consistent with market requirements, Flexera is updating the Technopedia manufacturer tier definitions published in the Knowledge Base: -

Once these new tier definitions are in place, we will review and update the tiering of manufacturers and will provide additional, separate Content Notifications as those changes are made.

We plan to update the manufacturer tier definitions effective February 1, 2021.


These changes will impact all customers of Technopedia (including Flexera One, IT Visibility, and Data Platform customers).

Flexera plans to update the Technopedia manufacturer tier criteria to reflect current market conditions and requirements, including the increased importance of open source software.

The attached document Technopedia Manufacturer Tier Definition.doc provides the updated definitions that we plan to put into service on February 1. Once those are in place, Flexera will conduct a review of existing manufacturer tiering and publish updates using the Content Notification process as required.

Next Steps:

You should review the new proposed definitions and be prepared for potential changes in resolution goals pertaining to manufacturers, although no specific changes are planned at this time.

We welcome your feedback on these changes! 

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran