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Content Change Notification - Version Group Changes for Adobe Creative Cloud Products

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Change Title

Version Group Changes for Adobe Creative Cloud Products

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Customers should be aware and be prepared

Change Summary

Flexera are reviewing and updating Version Groups for Adobe Creative Cloud products to make it easier for our customers to distinguish annual releases.

For example Adobe | Creative Cloud | XD with Version Group label 22 and Version label 22.0 will be changed to CC 2019 and 22.0 respectively. 

Adobe | Creative Cloud | After Effects with Version Group label CC 2020 and Version label 17.5 will be changed to CC 2021 and 17.5 respectively. Version Group CC 2020 will be retained for other versions.


This change will impact customers who have relied upon discovered data evidence mappings for these products. New Release IDs will be created for this change and all relevant discovered evidence mappings will be remapped to the new Release IDs.

The full list of changes is in the attachment below.  Note that Version Group/Version/Releases  tagged 'To Be Deleted' will be removed from Technopedia in 6 months.

These changes are expected to happen before January 23rd