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Change Title Major Changes in Technopedia - ARL Crosswalk Class 1 Customers should be prepared and take action
Change Summary

As part of our Technopedia - ARL crosswalk quality initiative, we have come up with a scalable process of adding applications and their mappings to the crosswalk based on the shared installer evidence mapped across ARL and Technopedia.


These changes will impact all customers who use both Data Platform and FNMS and take advantage of either the crosswalk table in Data Platform or the crosswalk report in FNMS.

With respect to the new process, we are readying a new batch of crosswalk which contains the following changes:

• 31k+ new mappings (covering 24.8K+ distinct applications) will be added, enhancing the coverage of our crosswalk by about 12%

• 74k+ mappings are being updated (covering 27K+ distinct applications) to be consistent with the evidence mappings.

• 21.9K+ existing mappings (covering 13.4K+ distinct applications) have been identified to be of low quality, therefore will be deleted. These mappings will be added back in the future after remediation activities.

Apart from the above changes, the current 226k+ mappings remain unchanged.

Please find the details of these changes in the attached spreadsheet.

These changes are going to be part of 11th April 2023 Technopedia catalog release.

Please reach out if you have any feedback!


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