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UPDATE: Wednesday February 2nd 2023 - These new categories have now been added to Technopedia. Details can be found in the updated attachment.


Change Title

New Software Subcategories in Technopedia

Class 1

Customers should be prepared and act




Change Summary

Flexera is introducing new software subcategories under the category “Tools and Utilities/Utilities”.

These changes are intended to maintain the appropriate categories for the products which were classified under “Other Utilities”.

We will be revisiting/updating the existing products under “Other Utilities” subcategory and making the changes based on the identified subcategories that can be from the new list or from the existing category.

The scope of these changes at this time is limited to ~9k products under “Other utilities”. The remaining ones will be taken up in the next set.


This change will impact customers who rely on Technopedia product categorization to manage downstream processes and reporting in their organization. In addition to introducing the new subcategories, products will be realigned from their existing category/subcategory into one of these new categories/subcategories.

Details of these products are provided in the attachment – “Proposed new category list along with products list.xlsx”


Customers should expect these changes to occur starting from December 26th to 30th, 2022 January 25th to 31st, 2023.


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