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The April 2021 update of the Spider Software Services version 1.2104.1.1476 is now available. 

All components are available in our Product and License Center.


  • Empty device data records that only have a UUID but have not filled any other fields are no longer exported to Spider. These are incomplete device data records, which can come from the relationship export of vCenter, for example.
  • An error in the AD Connector that could occur with GetADComputer has been fixed.
  • The product mapping for cloud subscriptions for Microsoft 365 Enterprise F1 / F3 has been corrected.

Recognition Catalog

The Recognition Catalog contains normalization and recognition capabilities for more than

  • 2.727.700 inventoried programs,
  • 104.400 software publisher,
  • and 6.423.400 inventoried files.

For more details please check the change notes.

Software and SKU Catalog

The Software Catalog contains more than 1.033.000 relevant and normalized articles (SKUs) of software licenses and maintenances and more than 63.600 license-relevant product versions. 
Summary of the supplemented catalog items:

  • Articles (SKUs): 7.397
  • Versions: 689

Spider Data Collector

The Spider Data Collector (SDC) provides a set of connectors to 3rd party inventory for an out-of-the-box collection of computers, software, users, virtualization, and many more.

Please check the Spider Data Collector User Manual for a full reference of all connectors.

(3) Comments
Level 6

Good morning,


file name says "...2103..". 


best regards


By Moderator Moderator

Good morning @HPMeyer,

We have published new separate files for the 1.2104.1 release of the Software Services update. Please re-load the Software Services or the Spider 6.4 download page.

In the Software Services download page you should see both the 1.2104.1 (April) and 1.2103.1 (March) files.

Level 6

Thanks! Found the correct files.