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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Spider 6.4.8 update is available

Release Date: 2022-12-15

A new update has been released for Spider. Please see the included changes below. To be notified of these kinds of product updates, please ensure that you have subscribed to the Spider Release blog.

New Features and Improvements to Spider in Dec 2022

Spider 6.4.8 includes the following product features and improvements.

Feature Description
Index-based search The new index-based search in Spider enables users to find objects across the entire application suite. The search is integrated on almost all pages on the top right of the navigation bar.

Permissions of legal entities are fully respected in the index-based search. Various ways of filtering the search result are supported.

To protect disk space, the feature is delivered disabled. For more information around the index-based search, visit the Flexera Community at:
Usability for selecting defaults The page for selecting software products (select standard) has been revised for improved usability. Now the page accepts multiple search filters and grouping of the search result has been enabled.
Employee The employee search in the master data now also resolves connected users. If an employee is stored for several users, the employee will be displayed several times. The User Mapped field supports filtering.
License allocations Previously it was possible to maintain multiple license allocations for a single legal entity under one license. This is now prevented. Existing allocations will be migrated to the latest license allocation.

Furthermore, the bulk import for license allocations has been integrated.
Accessibility Keyboard navigations in table views has been revised. Paging and sorting using the keyboard have been improved.


Corrections in Spider 6.4.8

The December 2022 update of Spider contains the following corrections.

Feature Description
User interface
  • If a specially filtered and grouped search result was opened and the search page was immediately reloaded, an error could occur.
  • Under certain circumstances, no entries were displayed on the service task overview page.
  • The pager was not displayed for exactly 21 hits in the member list of an Active Directory group. As a result, navigation to the 21st hit was not possible in this case.
  • On the work list for the License Maintenance Assistant, inactive licenses are hidden, and the "Upgradeable" box can no longer be clicked.
Business logic
  • The maximum length of product names has been increased to 256 characters so that even very long names from the product catalog are no longer truncated.
  • Under certain circumstances, downloading a document version via the Spider API interface could fail.
  • Under certain circumstances, recurring reminders (resubmissions) were only sent on the second shipping date.
  • If an employee initially supplied by Active Directory is no longer delivered to Spider, it was not marked correctly.
  • In the very long synchronization processes between Software Services and Spider Asset, changes made to the asset in the meantime could be overwritten.
  • Under certain circumstances, tasks for resubmissions could not be created automatically (function not available in all editions).
  • For newer search pages, the MaxRows setting in the configuration is no longer supported. Obsolete configuration keys have been removed.
  • The active control of tiles in the task dashboard has meanwhile been omitted and has been added again.
  • The "AvailableFrom" and "AvailableTo" fields have been removed from Volume Licensing agreements.
  • Spider application database names can now have a length of up to 128 characters.