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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

Spider 6.4.5-R5 update is available

Release Date: 2021-10-05

A new update has been released for Spider. Please see the included corrections below. 

To be notified of these kinds of product updates, please ensure that you have subscribed to the Spider Release blog.


License Management

  • The new reports "Products with User Based Metrics" and "User Based Installations" improve the evaluation of installations in metering with user-based license metrics.

Asset Management

  • Software that is installed on connected devices is now also displayed in the software view on the employee.
  • The synchronization process between the recognition module and Spider Core has been revised.  Employees are deactivated if the associated AD user is not delivered by the Active Directory for a defined  period of time. This time span is configurable. Furthermore, a tile has been added to the edit form for employees, which is then displayed when an employee has been generated from an AD user.


  • In Spider Admin, reports that are used by the alert and report system can now also be configured so that they are sent every six months or annually.


License Management

  • In certain cases the "Valid to" field was overwritten when the license was created. The behavior has been corrected.
  • In certain cases, maintenance could be classified as invalid if no end date was given. The behavior has been corrected.

Asset Management

  • For software products without product information, an incomplete message was displayed on the edit page. The message has been corrected.
  • If software was called up from the overview page for recognized software products, it was previously not possible to navigate back within the user interface. A return button is now displayed in the ribbon menu.


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