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Spider 6.4.0 HF4 update is available 

Release Date: 2018-10-15

A new update has been released for Spider. Please see the included improvements and corrections below. 

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License Management

  • When creating licenses and maintenance without explicitly selecting an article, the article could be linked to the license or maintenance by specifying the article number afterward. However, this automatic coupling only worked if there was exactly one article for the article number. Now it is possible to declare a custom article as the preferred article. This is then used in case of ambiguity for the coupling.



  • Grouping by Legal Entity in an object search led to their ID being displayed instead of the Legal Entity's path. This has been fixed for both the table and the diagrams.
  • Certain configurations of parameter and type fields caused problems with displaying, filtering, and grouping in the new search UI. This has been corrected.
  • In the case of the "New: copy values" function, an error could occur for certain objects, which could possibly lead to either the newly created object being assigned to an incorrect higher-level object or a permission error being displayed.
  • The filter settings of report favorites from Spider installations prior to version 6.4.0 were not properly reflected in the new report page. This has been adjusted.
  • Under certain circumstances, the field names in the field selection dialog of a report have not been translated or translated correctly.
  • Exporting search results to an Excel / CSV file ignored the field selection.
  • Selecting a category in the dialog for creating a favorite did not work, whereby existing favorite categories were not displayed.
  • Using favorites for object searches was not working from the favorites summary page. Furthermore, the favorite filters were incorrectly removed when the favorite grouping was canceled. Both errors have been fixed.
  • The extended functions of the New button ("New: select type", "New: <Object type>", "New: copy values") were not available if the user was authorized by profiles only.

Asset Management

  • The report "Assets with current scan information but inactive status" now excludes devices that were last scanned more than 90 days ago.
  • When copying an Asset ("New: copy values"), the Function Unit, the UUID, the Recognition link, the last scan date, and the last import date were also copied, if any. These values will no longer be transferred to the copy.

License Management

  • Viewing product versions by business unit caused a database error under certain circumstances.

License Metric Procedures (LMP)

  • When calculating the secondary use rights in conjunction with MSDN licenses, too little license consumption was determined.

SAM Cloud Edition

  • In the SAM Cloud configuration, the menu entry for the administration page of the Data Collector download was missing.