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Spider 6.4.0 HF2 update is available 

Release Date: 2018-08-13

A new hotfix has been released for Spider. Please see the included corrections below. 

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  • In the field selection of the object search, some fields were shown twice.
  • The Excel export did not work in some reports.
  • Under certain circumstances, a session in the user interface could prematurely abort.
  • When using selection controls with search function it was not always possible to select the desired search result item due to the result sorting and the limitation of the result display. The behavior of these controls has been changed to place the search result, which fully matches the search term, at the top of the results list. This change relates to the ComboBox, the CostCentre control, the ObjectSelection and the PermissionSelector of the advanced search.
  • Due to an error in the installation routine, Spider installations consisting only of Spider Core and Spider Contract could not be upgraded to version 6.4.
  • Due to an error in the object search, linked columns were displayed in the search result with the ID instead of the identifier.
  • In the Bulk Change, the Location control was displayed without caption.

Contract Management

  • Due to an error in the contract search, contracts were displayed multiple times in the result set as soon as the "Type of contract" field was present in the search result.

Software Services

  • Due to an error, the list of pre-defined program assignments also showed custom assignments.