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Legal entities for employees & legal entity as a required field

Legal entities for employees & legal entity as a required field

The Spider 6.4.7 update enables the assignment of legal entities for employees. It takes place via the standardized way on the detail form of employees or via API. The legal entity will be inherited for the software assignments of an employee, e.g. cloud subscriptions.


The update is accompanied by further changes in this context: The handling of legal entities in software assignments has been changed and the control of legal entity as a required field is possible.


 Legal entities in software assignments

Legal entities for software assignments cannot be entered while creating software assignments. By default, the software assignment will inherit the legal entity of it's parent (asset, function unit or employee).

To assign another legal entity on a software assignment is possible via a ribbon button in the edit form.


Legal entity as a required field

The setting of legal entities on Spider Objects can now be enforced using the configuration. To do so, the following configuration key must be set to True in the Spider Core database.


The configuration applies to all Spider applications.

If the configuration key is set, fields for business units are marked in the web interface. Objects without a legal entity are prevented from being saved.





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