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Metering in Spider


bei uns hat Spider im Metering keine Ergebnisse angezeigt, da das File type inventory in SCCM nicht aktiviert war. Für das Metering im SCCM ist dies nicht nötig. Wir holen die meisten Informationen aus SCCM über das Hardwareinventory (WMI).

Im SCCM werden die Metering Daten auch ohne das man nach *.exe Dateien sucht in den Metering Berichten sauber angezeigt. Wir möchten aber trotzdem gerne alle Metering Informationen im Spider zentral anbieten.

Warum braucht Spider diese Funktionaliät? (Poduktmanagement)

Die Daten sind eigentlich in den Tabellen im Spider vorhanden.

Könnte man diese Funkltionalität in Spider nicht deaktivireren? (Produktmanagement)

Wer ist noch von diesem Problem hier betroffen?

Viele Grüße

Florian Fetzer

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we have reported issues with metering and filescan last summer.
Metering, just doesn't work, when we activate it in SCCM connector (m=true, f=true) it just doesn't import data.

Have a nice day


Hello Flexera Team,

We have similar issues in our environment. We have enabled Spider software metering last month together in CCP, We are getting data into recognition DB and Spider asset is only showing metering information for few assets.  Can someone look into this on priority.

may I just ask you what version of SCCM are you using and what version of Spider/RC/DC are you using?
Because we are facing metering issues for almost 10months and also we are not able to import filescanner data to spider (parameter f="true")..
Have a nice day


we use SCCM 2012 1910. I don't think that Metering in Spider will currently work without import file data.

Because of that I opened this  port.

Perhaps it is possible that Spider configures Metering without file scanner.

You can test it by enabling file scan on a few clients with a test client collection.

So I did and it was working.

Best regards





I am reaching out from Support Team. We understand that Metering data from SCCM is not producing the desired results in Spider.

We want to assure you that we are actively discussing this and we are gathering details from all our Customers that are experiencing problems.


If you have anything specific you wish to dicuss with us/me. Please PM me and I will get in touch.


Kind regards,

James Ellis

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