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Meaning of device status "Nicht von SWR gemeldet"

Hi Experts!

Spider is reporting about 100 Machines as "Nicht von SWR gemeldet". What does that status mean, what are the consequences and how can I get rid of it?

Thank you for your help,

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Tom,

the status "Not reported by SWR" means the device (asset) is in the system but not connected to an inventoried device (anymore). This happens when a device is not delivered through a connector anymore. For example, a device has been uninstalled or is not used anymore.

The mechanism is as follows: Let's say a device is reported by an inventory system and delivered through a connector into Spider. Then (somewhen) the device breaks and has to be removed (without any replacement). The inventory system will not track the device anymore. When importing inventory data, Spider recognizes that the device is not delivered. After a period of time in which the device isn't delivered, Spider will set the status to "Not reported by SWR". This mechanism helps to Prevent licence cost for unused devices (because inactive devices are excluded from compliance).

The period of time on how long an undelivered device should be active is configurable in Spider. This can be done in the details form of the corresponding mandator (see tab "Asset").

If the "not reported" devices in your system should be delivered through a connector, there could be a problem in the data chain from the inventory system to Spider (and further Investigation would be needed).

Hope this helps you. Kind regards,

Thank you for your swift response, @creins !

Having no connection to the old (or broken) device was my initial thought as well. Until I saw that most of them have very recent scan dates - like yesterday or even today and most of them are in operation - I checked it by walking over 🙂

Can you imagine any other reason, why those machines get this status? As you mentioned, they are not included in compliance, which poses a big risk, because they actually consume licenses.


To wich date fiels this process is running? To the field lastScanDate or the field UpdateDate (see also my other post "Recognition and Asset-Update Prozess "). Regards Markus