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Software Vulnerability Management Blog

Blog posts from partners, community members and the Flexera team

Blog Articles

SVM Patch Automation FAQ

Does this functionality have an additional cost? No, this is a new capability of the core SVM product. It is available on both our hosted cloud instance of SVM as well as in our on-premise version. No...


Introducing Patch Automation for SVM

  As an IT Professional, you’ve got your hands full. Any opportunity to do more with what you already have is worthy of attention most any day. But, these days with hiring freezes in place for a major...


SVM: Where do I start?

           Throughout the last 7 years I have spent working in Customer Success in the high tech space there remains a singular constant that I have pinpointed as the foundation of customers that are...


Monthly Vulnerability Review – February 2020

Summary: 373 advisories for 62 unique vendors in 310 products and 390 unique versions, while issued 84 rejected advisories. Secunia Research helps Security teams cut the clutters in the noisy vulnerab...


Monthly Vulnerability Review – January 2020

Summary In January, Secunia Research issued 385 advisories from 76 unique vendors in 276 products and 394 unique versions, which is a decrease of 28.3% from December 2019.   Browsers were once again a...


Monthly Vulnerability Review – November 2019

Summary In November, Secunia Research issued 391 advisories from 70 unique vendors in 236 products and 311 unique versions. This is a decrease of 12.8% from last month. Google Chrome issued a zero-day...


Monthly Vulnerability Review: October 2019

The Monthly Vulnerability Review blog aims to deliver security insights derived from analyzing the software vulnerabilities processed, analyzed, and verified by Secunia Research at Flexera each month....


Monthly Vulnerability Review: September 2019

Foreword The month of October is the "National Cybersecurity Awareness Month" (NCSAM) in the US, and the "European Cybersecurity Month" (ECSM). It is no different across other territories too. A pro-a...


SVM Multi Partition Reporting Tool

SVM Multi Partition Reporting ToolVersion 1.0 (download) We’ve heard from several customers that it would be nice to have consolidated reports when dealing with multiple SVM partitions or accounts. By...


How Many Patches Does Flexera Have?

A lot (that’s the easy answer). More than anyone else (also an easy answer). But if you are looking for a number, it gets a tad complicated. In this article, I’ll go into the ways you can count them ...


Third Party Thursday: Focus on what matters and patch

The Third Party Thursday blog series aims to deliver more insight about new vulnerabilities that have been reported through Secunia Research at Flexera between the last Thursday of the past month unti...


Unbeatable: The Rapid Evolution of SVM

The team at Flexera continues to deliver on the promise of providing a better way to mitigate security risk for organizations that simply can't afford to keep throwing people at the challenge of addre...


Introducing the Vendor Patch Module

As you see what this is and what’s gone into it, I think you’ll quickly appreciate that this is the result of a very large effort by a lot of people. It took a very long time to bring it to you—I am a...


Third Party Thursday: monthly vulnerability trends

June was been the hottest month both in Europe and around the world since 1880. The heatwaves we have seen are more frequent and more severe than climate change models have predicted. Geert Jan van Ol...


SVM Data Center move

UPDATE 8/17/2019:The move to AWS is complete! As a result of this move, we have changed the SSL certificates of The certificate chain is different and the Certificate revocat...


Third Party Thursday: A total vulnerability May-hem

Third Party Thursday provides a helicopter view over the software vulnerabilities reported by Secunia Research at Flexera each month. We aim to help you identify which software products and vendors di...


How to get started with Software Vulnerability Manager

All software is vulnerable. You can manage software vulnerabilities easily with the right solutions. Software Vulnerability Manager is a cloud-based application that helps you stay head of potential t...


Creating and managing patches with SVM and AdminStudio

Hackers are always searching for way to infiltrate an organization. Keeping up with security updates to patch vulnerabilities is a critical task. If you're reading this, I’m going to assume the need i...