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Uninstalling software doesn't force reinstall of SVM software update

Has anyone ran into an issue where you uninstall software from your PC and reinstall a base version the SVM Software Update doesn't reinstall on the computer? 


Example: Google Chrome 


My company creates a base installer for Chrome - let's say it's version 60. We have it setup as a required deployment to all PCs across our enterprise. We package up Chrome version 70 through SVM and deploy that out to all PCs. End result - all our PCs are running Chrome version 70. 


Here's the issue, let's say a Desktop Tech is working on a PC that has Chrome issues. As part of the troubleshooting they uninstall Chrome. Our required base install will automatically install Chrome version 60 back on the PC. However, SVM will not upgrade it to version 70 unless we manually delete the regkey that is created during the upgrade installation. End result - we have a PC that is insecure running Chrome version 60. 



Is anyone else running into this? If you uninstall and attempt to reinstall the SVM upgrade package will not run on that PC unless you delete the regkey? FYI, we are deploying out our SVM upgrades via SCCM. 


Let me know if anyone has a "fix" to this. Thanks,

Brant B

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