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Unable to Launch the SCCM Integrated Software Vulnerability Program, Crashes SCCM console

I am on SCCM 1902,  I tried to setup a new installation of the SCCM Software Vulnerability Manager.  This installed fine and completed without any errors.  But when I try to launch the Flexera Software folder within the SCCM Software Library Tab, it pops this error up, then crashes the SCCM console.  It says it is a Virtual Studio Just in Time Debugger and that there is a unhanded Microsoft ,net framework exception.

Any suggestions on what I may need to change?




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Community Manager


Thanks for sharing the issue with us. We have created a supported case as a result of this post. We will schedule a remote session where we would like to capture the SVM Plugin log. Once a solution is reached, we will post the solution. 



The issue still continues after I updated to the latest software update from Flexera.

Dear @shaini,

Our Support team has had a support case 01875739 open with you after you reported this problem originally in July. Our team has exchanged a few messages with you regarding this problem before the case was automatically by process due to inactivity and lack of follow-ups from your side. In the last email sent by my colleague Andrew, we have asked for additional troubleshooting steps as I cited from the case below. 


In the registry of the problematic machine, can you navigate to HKCU\Software\Secunia\SCCM Plugin\
and create registry values that match the screenshot attached(to the case, not email)?
SCCMPluginLogging.pngThe SCCM Console logs may help too.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\AdminUILog

Enable Verbose Logging:

Also, what OS are you using? 

We would like to kindly invite you to proceed with collecting this requested information at first. After collecting it, please open a new support case with our support team (as the log files may contain private data that you want to avoid exposing) providing the requested logs.  We also invite you to share all other information and observations available to you at this moment about this problem 

Thanks, we look forward to receiving more information from you to proceed. 

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